Currently on Hiatus 

Following my concert dates in August, I will be taking some time off from live performing in order to relocate, write, and start to record . Hope to see y'all soon! K

Freedom Field Music Festival a SUCCESS! 

Well, we pulled it off. The festival, which I put together with Ye Olde Meeting Place, K & S Music (Williamsport), Black Market Sound, and a handful of other entities went amazingly. I want to thank all of the bands and performers who participated in the event, and my (now-former) bandmates in Audiobox for helping as well. A great night for all involved and and amazing, amazing success. This was the first time Ive ever put together an event of this magnitude, with bands performing non-stop from noon to well after 11. All of the acts got to showcase their songwriting and performing abilities and we raised a ton of money for Lifting Little Lives, a great charity in our area. Thank you to all whom attended!

Relocation, on the move... 

Recording of my new EP is temporarily on hold as we're moving from Montgomery back to the Philadelphia area. So, RanSome Records has been packed away for the relocation and recording has been put on hold. I'm looking forward to performing for old fans from the Philly/Jersey area. More info as available.

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